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S.I.S. Master Program This is the primary S.I.S. program. Used for data editing, charting and reporting. The same program is used for any S.I.S. region, but can only access a single region at a time.
S.I.S. Enquiry Program The program used for enquiries. Has most of the enquiry functions contained in the Master Program, and can also handle multiple regions. The actual number of regions that the Enquiry Program can handle is essentially unlimited (available disk space is the only consideration), due to the new method of file handling implemented with S.I.S. Version 5 in 1994.
S.I.S. Update Program In each regionís office, in the middle of the night, this program performs the long series of calculations that fill the Enquiry Programís screens and reports. This is how results that would normally take minutes to calculate, along with large support databases, now are instantly available in a database approximately 1 MB in size.
S.I.S. Utility Program This program performs various system setup and maintenance functions, such as printer setup, the password database, program configuration settings, monthly database file maintenance, etc.
S.I.S. Tools Program This program, as its name states is a general tool to help automate some of the tasks performed by S.I.S. Administrators. It automatically archives all daily processing & exception reports, daily update files, etc., prepares the daily comments for transmission around the regions (helps to minimize long distance charges), etc.
S.I.S. Audit Program This program allows Research Heads to define selected fields in the S.I.S. database for monitoring. For example, the First Forecast Year EPS field for S.I.S. CATEGORY ĎAí stocks could be set for monitoring, with a first warning at 30 days, and a severe warning at 60 days.

When the Audit Report is run, and if the First Forecast Year EPS value has not been updated for 30 days, an entry will appear on the report. This is essentially the opposite of the Revision Report which details those values that have been edited.

S.I.S. Indonesian Data Generator This is a customized version of the S.I.S. FileGen Program, that performs various operations specific to Indonesia, relating to STANDARD, ODD LOT and BLOCK stocks that are part of that market.

S.I.S. Earnings Program This program extracts data from the S.I.S. databases, and creates a file in the format required for submission to the Thompson Financial service.
S.I.S. Fast Indexer This is a utility program designed to create S.I.S. index files (which are attached to the database files) in the shortest time possible.
S.I.S. FileGen Program This program is used to generate daily update data files for those regions that do not have access to an external source, and also to generate update files from other types of sources, such as CSV files.
S.I.S. Import Program This is used to initialize a stockís historic data when an existing stock is added to the S.I.S. master databases for the first time.
S.I.S. China Index Program This program permanently stores records of all adjustments made to every stock in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and adjusts the various S.I.S. database appropriately. The program then calculates daily market and China-wide index & AMV figures; storing them in a results database, and generating faxable reports that are designed to be absorbed by sister S.I.S. programs in the various China market cities.
S.I.S. KeyRank Program Support program for Singapore and Malaysia; currently available as a backup to other systems.

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