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We support the following operating systems:

bulletWin 2000
bulletWin XP
bulletWindows 7
bullet Win Server 2000
bulletWin Server 2003
bullet Win Server 2007
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With Rocky Mountain WebBackup™, you get totally automatic and transparent backups.


With Rocky Mountain WebBackup™, your
files are protected and secure.

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Rocky Mountain WebBackup™
Automated Internet Backup Service

Think About This:
What would you do if your computer disappeared RIGHT NOW?  How would the loss of your data affect you and your business? What would be the cost to you in stress, lost work, lost business and lost time?  How much is your peace of mind worth?

You can experience a sudden and catastrophic loss of computer programs & data at any time. It can be the result of a hard disk crash, a computer virus, the theft of your computers, a failure of your backup media (broken tapes, scratched CD-ROMs, etc.), the malicious actions of a disgruntled employee, an environmental disaster such as a fire, flood or earthquake, a power grid failure or line power surge, or just simple user error.

6% of all PCs suffer an episode of data loss each year, according to a Pepperdine University study.

We have the solution for you.  Right now.

The Rocky Mountain WebBackup™ Service is a complete, automated internet backup service for your PCs, using state-of-the-art enterprise backup software, that can help mitigate your possible losses. Backups are performed during the night, during other idle times, or on demand with a single click, via a high speed, encrypted internet connection.


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Fully Automatic Backups are completely automated, requiring no user interaction at all, if desired.
Off-site Storage In the event of fire, theft or other damage to your computers in your place of business, your data is safely stored off-site in a secure location.
Transparent Operation The backup process is transparent to you, and can occur while you work on the computer. The only indication that a backup is running is the backup icon in the system tray pulses to show it's active.
Full Audit Trail You can view a complete listing of previous  backup processes by pressing the HISTORY button. This listing includes information on each file processed and when. See the screenshot here.
Encrypted Data Transmission Data is compressed and encrypted on your computer before it is sent over the internet to the Backup Servers.
Smart Backup Using Delta Technology, only the parts of a file that have changed since the last backup are sent to the Backup Servers, resulting in fast backups.
You Define The Backup Schedule For the Professional and Premier Backup Plans, you can set the frequency of the backups to just about any combination you want; daily, selected days of the week, weekly or selected days of the month.
Backup On Demand In addition to doing automated backups according to a preset schedule, you can initiate a backup at any time, by clicking the BACKUP NOW button. See the screenshot here.
Open Files Are Backed Up On most Windows operating systems, almost all open files are backed up.
You Define Which Files to Include or Exclude The Backup Client software comes preconfigured to backup all files on all local hard drives. You can easily modify the default settings to change which files and folders are included or excluded from the backup process.
Restore Files & Folders Easily Using Windows Explorer The Backup Client software creates a new “Backups” folder item in Windows Explorer. To restore selected files and folders, simply open this folder, highlight the desired items, and click “Restore”. You can restore the files or folders to the original location, or to an alternate location on your hard drive. See the screenshot here.
Emergency Recovery Disks If you experience a catastrophic loss of your hard drive or computer (such as if it is stolen or damaged in a fire or flood) and it is replaced with a new one, you can simply restore your files over the internet using our backup software, or you can order a complete set of Emergency Recovery Disks (CD-ROMs), which can be used to restore your backed up files to the new hard drive / computer. Please see the Price List for costs to prepare Emergency Recovery Disks.
Multiple Versions Are Retained In addition to each file that is backed up, unlimited versions of the same file are retained for up to 30 days. You can restore earlier version of your files if you need to. See the screenshot here.
Deleted Files Are Retained In the same way as multiple versions are retained, deleted files are retained on the server for up to 30 days. Even if you deleted an important file or folder months ago, it may still be restored from the Backup Servers.

Peace of Mind


Never again worry about backing up your computer's hard drive.


Never again spend hours inserting CD-RW disks


Never again be unable to use your computer properly during the backup process (Did you know that you can’t use your computer when running most backup programs?).


Never again wonder when the last time was that you actually DID a backup.


Never again wonder if your employees are actually doing the backups at all.


Never again have to transport backup disks off-site, and retrieve off-site disks back to the office.


Never again spend $40 to 50 each per year for backup tapes.


Never again have to remember to clean tape drive heads (Did you know that if you forget to clean your tape heads regularly, your backup tapes may be full of unreadable data?).


Never again worry about broken backup tapes (Remember how often your music tapes used to break?), or scratched CD-ROM disks. (Did you know that if one disk or tape in a set is defective, the entire backup set becomes unusable in most cases?)


Instant off-site storage of your valuable data
with Rocky Mountain WebBackup™.

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Complete off-site backup of your hard disk via the internet.

Data transfer is made via a secure DES-encrypted connection to our Backup Servers.

The user can  define the backup schedule and can configure which files & folders to include or exclude.


Instant, off-site backup.

Protections your data from loss due to fire, theft, or other catastrophe.

Eliminates the need for you to spend your valuable time doing backups.

Unlike a human, the software never 'forgets' to do a backup.  It is never 'too busy' to do a backup.

You get COMPLETE SECURITY, knowing that no matter what happens, your data is safe and available to you, if you ever need it.

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